About Kawasaki Morimori Food Festival

This festival takes place in Kawasaki(川崎), which is close to Haneda airport and equidistant between Yokohama and Tokyo. The area is a charming district with a history as a lodging town, and during third festival offers many cultural experiences such as Japanese traditional painting, lantern drawing, cosplay and Karaoke, all of which allow visitors to enjoy the best of Japan. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without many varieties of alcohol and a food festival as well!

The following day you will also be able to see the bizarre Kanamara festival, and so for these two days, Kawasaki lights up as the most lively town in Japan! Why not enjoy the hidden wonders of Japan in Kawasaki?


March 31, 2018(Sat) 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
2018/3/31(土) 12:00〜20:00

Experience various Japanese cultures in a Day!

You can experience the traditional culture with beautiful service "tea-ceremony", Japanese amusements "karaoke festival", "snacks", "traditional Japanese spinning top" and "Kanji House" with a special concierge (writes your name in kanji) at the main venue, unico.

Feel the "real" Japanese spirit through the unique & special services of traditional culture experience.



▼ Venue: unico

Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience / 茶の湯体験の事前申し込み

Nisshin Geppo Events

Japanese lanterns, Face painging, Cosplay Photoshoot

“Nisshin Geppo” will provide traditional culture experiences. Let’s draw a Japanese character on a “Japanese lantern” and bring it with you as you experience the festival. The shops with lanterns offer benefits like discount. Both children and adults can enjoy "traditional Japanese face painting" that slips you back in time to an old Japan.

Lastly, taking pictures with a "pro-cosplayer", also representative of Japanese culture, will be offered for free.



▼ Venue: Nisshin Geppo 日進月歩

Warehouse Kawasaki

"Warehouse Kawasaki" is an arcade which is faithful to the "Kowloon City" in Hong Kong. Tourist and fans over the world visit to see its great interior decorating that has high architectural value.It's unique sight of Kawasaki. You can take pictures limited inside area of the arcade if you experience lantern drawing or face painting at Nisshin Geppo.

かつて香港に存在した伝説のスラム街「九龍城」を忠実に再現したゲームセンター「川崎ウェアハウス」。ゲーム好きだけでなく、その内部装飾の見事さから建築としての価値も高く、観光客や世界から来たファンが後を絶たない川崎の唯一無二の名所です。普段、撮影禁止ですが、日進月歩にて提灯の絵付け体験 または フェイスペイント体験をされた方、コスプレ参加者のみ限定されたフォトスポットで写真撮影が可能になります。

▼ Venue: Warehouse Kawasaki Cyber Kowloon City fort ウェアハウス

Public bath Experience

Japanese spa is a public bath and one of famous Japanese cultures. You can enjoy people's conversations in a large bathtub. Males are offered this special experience at "Tatsumi Ryo" (Opening hours: 5:30pm-8pm / Price: 300yen, including towels and baggage locker ※male-only)

日本の文化の一つである銭湯はまちの中にある公衆浴場で、広い浴槽に浸かりながら、利用客同士の会話などを楽しめる場所です。当日は特別に「立身寮」で銭湯体験をすることができます。(17時30分~20時 300円、男性のみ、タオル、ロッカールームあり。)

▼ Venue: Tatsumi Ryo 立身寮

Foods you should try at unico

Habushu - ハブ酒

It's Okinawan liquor (awamori) with snake like pit viper with a highly toxic venom. Since early times, it's been known as tonic and potion that increases males' sexual performance like viper wine.


■ Asone Roppongi

Grilled oyster - 焼き牡蠣

Fresh oysters are directly delivered from Hokkaido akke-shi and grilled in front of customers.Famous for foreign travelers, edging up in demand.


■ かき小屋 厚岸水産 北品川店

Hotdog − ホットドッグ

A herb sausage, the specialty of Kawasaki, with fresh vegetables in a bread.

Western food but nonesuch of Kawasaki


char-broiled chicken (yakitori) - 焼き鳥

"yakitori" is a popular dish at Japanese-style bar. Each part of chicken is skewered, seasoned with unique Japanese source and broiled.A very good match with beer. Loved by the public.


Craft beer - クラフトビール

Why not enjoy the tasty Kawasaki craft beer? Brewed beer in a shop has an enduring popularity among locals. Have a broad range of fans.

川崎産のクラフトビールを気軽に味わってみては? 店内で醸造されたできたてオリジナルビールは地元のファンから根強い人気があり、仕事帰りのサラリーマンや若い女性、カップルなど幅広い層の話題を集めています。

■ TKBrewing

Event Overview

Date March 31, 2018 (Saturday)
Holding time 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location 〒210-0024 Nisshin-cho Kawasaki-ku Kawasaki Kanagawa, Japan
Fee Admission free of charge
Access by train Kawasaki Station(JR Line), Keikyu-Kawasaki Station(Keikyu Line)
JR川崎駅 徒歩8分、京急川崎駅 徒歩10分
Inquiry 050-3772-7785 / +81-50-3772-7785
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Access Map

Nisshin-cho Kawasaki Kanagawa

The General Reception will take place at Kami-Namiki Park.



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